Cerebral Palsy and the Unicorn Bagel

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 12.04.51.png
Source: Upworthy (please click link for full video)

I was doing a reading on cerebral asymmetry when a friend sent me this video. Ingenuity, I thought! Also, that anthropology is scarily relevant.

The video follows Zach Anner in his quest to purchase a rainbow bagel in The Bagel Shop in Brooklyn. Suffering from cerebral palsy, he is wheelchair-bound. The video highlights the challenges he, and other handicapped persons, face in their day-to-day life in New York City, one of the most accessible cities in the country.”Today we’re just like, we’ll do something real simple like go and get a bagel.” Infused with sarcasm, Zach remains optimistically ironic throughout the video, with much enthusiasm and underlying sincerity.

It is incredibly smart of them to make reference to pop culture – the much loved and sought after rainbow bagel, with variations of it in other major cities (rainbow bagels have arrived in London as well). This way, since the ‘quest for rainbow bagel’ is relatable, netizens would be enticed to follow his journey. Consequently, the foundation succeeds in raising awareness about the condition and the challenges faced, helping the general public to understand a wheelchair-bound’s experience on the road.

Kudos to the Cerebral Palsy Foundation for the short film.


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