This Anthropology blog will explore handedness. Growing up, I have always obsessed over staring at people write, or looking at myself in the mirror when I write. How weird I thought, to look as if I was writing with my left hand. I was (and still am) intrigued by the way we hold our pens, and the result of our using it – a wide variation of handwritings. Isn’t it so interesting how handwritings differ so greatly, say even if two persons were to write with the same hand and same pen?! How many ways could we possibly interact with our pens and pencils?

Recently, I have been noticing the ways we use our hands, how we decide to choose our left/right hands (do we?) to act, what really happens when we fall into routines, and what it feels like when we break out of them (e.g. a right hander using his left hand to write).

Some potential topics could be: phenomenology, phantom/artificial limb, and religion and handedness.

*what’s unusual to me may not be unusual to others; there may be a right-handed bias. And that bias is exactly what I want to study.


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